The ultimate restaurant plugin for WooCommerce that’s quick to set up and easy to use.

Build an online menu and start selling in just a few minutes with Restaurant for WooCommerce. Take a look at the features that make this plugin so powerful.

Offer multiple delivery options.

Give your customers the ease of choosing from various delivery options like free delivery, express delivery, etc.

Each delivery option can be customized with options for restaurant timings, pricing and other details.

Set up your restaurant’s daily schedule.

Restaurant for WooCommerce makes it easy for your to display your daily schedule, so your customers are informed of your timings for each day.

You can set up different time slots for each day or week and even mention any holidays or days off.

Flexible menu design with different product layouts.

Your customers will love a menu that is as detailed as it is simple. Create menus that give your products an awesome look they deserve. 

Personalize your product data (product name, ID, or category) in ascending or descending order with more options for display, like grid or list view.

Give customers the power to modify their orders easily

A good menu is as good as its products, and what better way to help your customers give you a five-star rating than by giving them product add-ons?

Give your customers the option to add toppings, sides, or other product add-ons using product modifiers. Modifiers with an image and price will help customers make a quick decision.

Define your hours of operation for each day of the week

Adding multiple time slots allows you to divide your hours of operation into numerous shifts.

Each time slot displayed in your menu will have a start and end timing to help your business ensure that orders are only placed when you’re available.

Mini-cart widget shows customers their order summary

Customers can use the mini-cart widget on your website to view their order details, such as item quantity.

The mini-cart widget displays cart items in fly-out style, and with the help of a shortcode, you can display the cart anywhere on the website.

Display the online menu anywhere using shortcodes

Each menu you create will have a unique shortcode that can easily embed on any page or post of the website.

Instead of coding your menus on each page, all you have to do is change the menu from the back end and update it.

Personalize your menu to match your branding

Your online menu should be personalized to match the business’s branding. This gives your customers the confidence to trust in your brand. 

The restaurant plugin gives you the option to display your restaurant’s name, logo, and description on the front-end menu. 

Give customers the multiple viewing options

Your customers can be overwhelmed with a lot of information on your online menu. The plugin allows you to enable Grid and List view for your customers.

You can choose to display the restaurant’s menu items in list or grid view by default and then give the customers to view them however they like.

Stylize the way your mini-cart widget is displayed

The mini-cart widget is your customer’s way to an easy checkout. The restaurant plugin gives you the option to choose the display style.

By default, the sliding mini-cart widget will extend from the right side of the screen.

Create multiple menus

Creating different menus will help you cater to a broader audience that is interested in purchasing different products

Restaurant for WooCommerce gives you the option to create multiple menus with different products and categories and display them using their unique shortcodes.

Give your customers an alternative to delivery option

You can customize your online menu to provide customers with the options to Takeaway or Dine-in. 

Displaying alternatives to delivery can help you connect to a whole new audience that wants to visit your restaurant for dine-in or takeaway.

Display product labels and other information

Most customers are only comfortable ordering from a restaurant when they’re informed of what goes in their food.

You can display the item’s properties or ingredients in the product summary and keep your customers informed of whether the product is vegan, spicy, sweet, etc.

Help customers checkout immediately with Fast Cart

Restaurant for WooCommerce’s Fast Cart feature enables customers to pay immediately and checkout without missing a beat.

The Fast Cart gives users the option to adjust item quantity and apply discount coupons, all in the mini-cart widget.

Receive tips from satisfied customers

Happy customers are the key to a successful business, and giving them the option to tip will help your team gain confidence in their work.

The restaurant plugin’s open tipping feature allows diners to tip as much or as little as they wish. You can set predefined amounts as tips or enable the plugin to accept custom values.

Attract customers with food recommendations and combos

You can display recommendations on your online menu to promote dishes that are most frequently ordered.

You can give your customers to add recommended food items to combo and make the best of their meal. This will also help you sell items with the highest profit margins.

Inform customers of upcoming holidays and off-days

Easily create off-days and holiday schedules to make sure that your customers are informed about your business’s operational timings. 

Adding a holiday date to your schedule also lets you display a message on your restaurant’s menu informing your customers of your restaurant’s off-day activities.

Pricing Plan

We offer a variety of amazing menu options that come packed into the restaurant for WooCommerce plugin.

Our Happy Customers

"I have been using this plugin for six months. The support has been helpful. Apart from minor bugs, the plugin could use an uplift of it’s menu design."
"It is exactly the same as what I wanted. Whether it’s customization, short code functionality, or shop page conversion, everything fulfills my expectations. one thing I’d like to suggest for improvement is if they make the interface more user-friendly."
"now easily add or reduce food items from their carts on my user side. Thanks for last update."
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$149 / yr
  • 1 Site
  • Easy to install & setup
  • Unlimited delivery options
  • Real time confirmation of the order
  • Minimum order value & delivery fee
  • Responsive design for mobile devices