How to Start A Food Business Using Restaurant for WooCommerce

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Indeed, food is a significant necessity for every human being to survive a pleasant and peaceful life without any ailments and sentiments for maintaining the standards of livelihood. Today, the Covid 19 pandemic situation has led to millions of restaurants closing their dine-in or altering their normal working process. Starting an online food business is often a crucial way to stay updated with business tactics and workflow patterns using the Restaurant for WooCommerce extension.

Many third-party services, including UberEats, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo, have facilitated restaurants to take online food orders. However, they usually charge a large amount of commission and don’t offer significant ease of use benefits over just doing it yourself.

However, it might seem to be a daunting situation. It’s easy to start your own food business using the Restaurant for WooCommerce plugin. It’s fast and easy to set up, and manage and saves a lot of time & cost.

Why ‘Restaurant For WooCommerce’ Extension Is The Best Way To Deliver Online Food Orders?

Before diving into the discussion, let’s take a look at why the ‘Restaurant for WooCommerce’ Plugin is the best way to deliver online food orders.

Many restaurants use third-party hosted services, including Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Grubhub. By placing your Restaurant with these platforms, you have accessibility to a vast market segment of targeted online food delivery consumers. However, it seems to be ideal for every individual.

Hosted platforms take a significant decrease in revenue for placing online restaurant orders. For Instance, Just Eats consumes 14% of their time. However, they have a considerable consumer base, enabling you to compete with other restaurants on a similar platform. It seems easy for your Restaurant to mislead.

Along with any hosted platform, you don’t have complete authority over your customer information. It provides you with control over the functionality of your online restaurant order management system. You have to customize it or implement new features. Hence, the ‘Restaurant for WooCommerce‘ extension on your restaurant site’s main page makes your business seem to be more proficient. It enables customers to spend time on your site to build loyalty and reliance on the consumer base.

Restaurant for WooCommerce Extension

The Restaurant for WooCommerce is a versatile method to deliver restaurant orders to potential customers. With this extension, you can build a restaurant menu and an online checkout form for your WooCommerce site. This plugin is a smart and intuitive method to deliver yours

Restaurant, bar, or café menu to your online users. You have to add both variable and simple food items in a precise and manageable way.

Using Restaurant for WooCommerce, you can display your name, identity, logo, and description of your Restaurant at the front-end menu bar. The entire Restaurant’s menu and features can be displayed on any site page or post of your WooCommerce site with a unique shortcode for your WooCommerce site.

Intuitive & simplistic menu design –  This feature enables customers to experience multiple selection options, such as free delivery and ascending or descending credit card transaction processing.

Implement Unrestricted Delivery Options – This feature offers your customers multiple options, such as free delivery, express delivery, and significant alterations.

Intuitive Mini-Cart Widgets – The add-on’s mini cart widget shows your customers their order history. They can also add or remove the number of items in their cart.

Adjust the regular opening and closing duration of your Restaurant. The front-end menu highlights the status of status, whether it is open or closed, to grasp customers’ attention so they can place orders consequently.

It would help if you stayed connected with Restaurant for WooCommerce’s latest features, methods, usability patterns, and responsiveness on all device

Why Prefer to Use ‘Restaurant for WooCommerce’ Extension?

The overall features of Restaurant for WooCommerce provides a unique online ordering system for your WooCommerce site, which enables you to:

  • The Restaurant shows the menu items in all categories or as specific products. Furthermore, you can also adjust their order in the sorted form via settings from the back-end.

  • You must display the order summary of customers through the mini-cart widget. They may also enhance or reduce the number of items in the order cart.

  • Rearranges products on your menu bar as you want them to be displayed. This feature enables you to rank the top-selling food items to the top-most list of the defined category.

  • Rearranges categories of food items on your menu bar as you want them to be displayed. This feature helps customers see the newest or the most widely used food items on the restaurant menu.

  • Display the name of the Restaurant, logo, and text on the front-end menu. The product information on the data is retrieved automatically from your WooCommerce inventory management system.

  • Insert the total amount of the minimum order to allow the customers to know about the order amount they need to check out. If the user is not able to do so displays an error on the checkout page.

  • Implement available delivery options (free delivery, express delivery) and more for your customers’ convenience.

  • Allow your customers to implement a special request, i.e., comments to their specific order, before proceeding to the checkout page.

  • Adjust the regular opening and closing time for your Restaurant that allows your customers to view the Restaurant’s status, whether it is open or closed, before making an order.

  • Displays a textual element and images when the mini-cart widget is empty or waiting for the cart’s order for implementation.

  • You can use a unique shortcode to view the Restaurant’s order on any site page or post.

  • View or hide the critical information of the Restaurant from the menu’s header.

  • You may convert your WooCommerce page along with categories and products in a specific restaurant page.

  • You can alter your restaurant page text placement from the right to the left direction. It is categorized to ensure that content is easily understandable.

  • You can adjust the time on the front-end of your Restaurant’s page to any 12 or 24-hour restaurant.

  • View the timings of the Restaurant, such as opening and closing, on the front-end restaurant page.

Let’s Get Started – How to get Hands-on Practice?

You must go through the following steps:

  • Purchase Restaurant for WooCommerce.
  • Scroll, Download, and install the extension.
  • Set up, Activate, and configure the extension.

You can read the how-to guide in the technical documentation section to understand the complete process of the Restaurant for WooCommerce.

Compatible Extensions

  • Product Addons: Restaurant for WooCommerce is compatible with Product Addons. The purpose of this add-on is to allow your customers to personalize products while shopping at your store.
  • Composite Products: Restaurant for WooCommerce is compatible with composite products. These plugins enable customers to use existing products to build the most engaging product kits and configurable products.

Final Thoughts

Most of the restaurants that didn’t offer delivery or pickup food options are now making a change in their ordering process. If you are already using WordPress, there are multiple options to deliver food. Still, Restaurant for WooCommerce surpasses them all with its mesmerizing features. This plugin offers several options available for ordering food. Hence, Restaurant for WooCommerce is transforming the preferences of users to improve usability and customer experience.

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